Mila & Andrew just adore your classes! We have tried many classes & this is by far their favorite! I wanted to thank you for all that you do & for welcoming both of them into your classroom.

Kind Regards, Audrey

My daughter enjoyed the class so much. She knows all the songs and we listen to the CD’s all the time in the car. Miss Jeanneane is excellent!

My son has enthusiasm for the class and pleasure in the music. He remembers and sings the songs, sings tunefully, and remembers concepts such as short and long sounds. I think it is giving him a wonderful and pleasurable foundation in music.

My 5 year old first took classes and now my 2 year old is. They both have enjoyed Miss Jeanneane and look forward going to class. She is awesome with the kids!

It has been a wonderful experience for both me and my daughter. I love the systematic curriculum and the devotion with which Ms Jeanneane works on it. In addition to having a great time, my daughter learns music and the subtle nuances that go with it. Couldn’t have asked for a better exposure at such a young age! Thank you!

I feel like my daughter learns valuable things in the class, and the Ms Jeanneane is clearly engaged and interested. It’s a high-quality program, compared with so many other classes offered by the park district.

Class is very educational and fun. What is learned in class is reinforced by using the home materials & activities. This also keeps up my child’s interest during the week, until the next class.

My daughter really likes this class!

Miss Jeanneane is great with the kids. I also like it because of the interaction and introduction to different instruments, sounds, books. There is a wide variety of teaching not just music.

I love this program. I had my son go through it for several years and I am now in my second session with my daughter. I have never been disappointed. This class is more weeks than most at the park district but I think that is part of what helps. It is long enough for the kids to feel comfortable enough and allows enough repetition to learn songs.

Imagine That! –

Elizabeth began Kindermusik in Our Time when she was two years old going on three.  After Our Time she graduated to Imagine That shortly after she was three years old.  She has been involved with Kindermusik since September of 2009. She is five years old now and will begin Kindergarten in the Fall of this year.  I can easily see how Elizabeth has grown intellectually, socially and creatively through her involvement in the Kindermusik program. She enjoys learning and being creative.  And this program has helped developed those skills and an early love of learning.  She enjoys the collection of stories, music, making creative projects and interactive play and imagination utilized throughout the program.  

In conclusion, she looks forward to her Kindermusik class every week and seeing old friends as well as making new ones. Thank you for such a wonderful early childhood music and educational program Jeanneane.

Jim and Mary
(Elizabeth’s parents)

Our Kindermusik teacher is the main reason we love class…..we love her! My son loves the classes and I enjoy spending the time with him doing something that he enjoys.

Excellent experience in a class that stems from a philosophy that respects the natural development of the child. Plus it’s fun and active, it stimulates intellectual development, and offers a strong foundation for later music education.

My son just loves Kindermusik.

It is a good program that we have enjoyed for more than 3 years. I think it is good parent/child time.

My 3 year old child had started singing all the songs and also developed a sense for rhythm. She is dancing and singing the songs and repeating the movements they did at the class, even without the music. She is making her own songs too, using different “instruments” at home to create a rhythm. She is having a lot of fun at that class and is always eager to go!

Young Child

We had our last day of young child for Caleb today. I have been thinking about you all week as we anticipated completing young child. Thank you so much for teaching our kids. I’m very grateful that Caleb and Emma had you as their teacher in kindermusik. On the way home today Caleb asked what instrument will I play now? I’m thankful that he is looking forward to learning new things. I know that that is because of the program and teacher too. Thank you.

Friendly, innovative and interesting way children are introduced to learning music.

Kindermusik gives us a song for nearly every moment of the day. My kids sing all day long. It brought music into their lives in a fun, progressive and hopefully long-lasting way.

We love kindermusik. It is great developmentally for our kids and they have a blast!

Multi – Level –  Babies to 1st Grade
(second, third child going through my program)

I have seen the how it helps my children’s development throughout the years. It is amazing how they have been able to grasp concepts you would think would be difficult. (I have a 4 year old who participated for 3 years and now have an 18 month old who has participated for the last 9 months). Mrs. Jeanneane has been outstanding and really understands how to approach each child on their level.

Kindermusik is the most wonderful class out there! The reason it has been such a joy for Zoie is because Miss Jeanneane knows how to work with children. The class needs to be fun in order for her to want to come back. Zoie doesn’t even realize she’s learning how to express herself or absorbing all the class has to offer!  Other classes that Zoie has participated in tend to teach the children without the fun factor.  After 10 minutes she’s bored and in my lap watching the other kids rather than participating. I have participated in Kindermusik since she was a newborn and she is still as excited about the class today at 4ys old as she was back then. She loves singing, listening to music from other countries, and dancing. Because of Kindermusik, and Miss Jeanneane, music has become a part of her everyday life and helped her become the outgoing, vibrant little lady that she is. I strongly recommend Kindermusik and Miss Jeanneane, both are worh there weight in gold.

I think the program is great. I did not know about kindermusik until my oldest daughter was 15 months old. Miss Jeanneane was outstanding. We have been in the program since and my youngest will be finishing Young Child in the Spring. I have recommended this to many other parents.